Traffic Control

New England Flaggers — alert, skilled and protective.

To the average person, the job of a Flagger might appear simple, but we know how critical and demanding it can be. It’s Flaggers who maintain the work zone that public and municipal contractors need in order to complete their work free of incident or injury. Our Flaggers are aware of the hazards of working in, around and above an active work zone, and take seriously their responsibility to protect workers and the public. Ours is a profession that requires a high level of awareness, skill and confidence and New England Flagger Services personnel always command respect on the roadway.

Each employee completes hours of technical and practical training, is Certified by ATSSA, the American Traffic Safety Services Association and is trained in the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), a compilation of national standards for all traffic control devices. What’s more, New England Flagger Services also institutes its own internal Safety Rewards Program, recognizing Flaggers who have demonstrated excellence in procedures and safety.

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New England Flagger Services is Fully Licensed and Insured.


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