Flagger Certification Courses

Train as if your life depends on it.

While New England Flagger Services deploys highly trained personnel to a wide variety of work sites throughout Connecticut and New England, we are also a valuable training resource for contractors seeking to educate and certify their own staff as Flaggers. Our Certified Flagger Training Course is second to none when it comes to keeping workers and motorists safe.

Each student is required to successfully complete 4 hours of class. We provide comprehensive instruction in; traffic control operations, hand signaling devices, flagger position, work zone procedures, rules of conduct with motorists/pedestrians, emergency procedures, proper equipment and much more.

All students who successfully pass a final written exam, are certified by ATSSA (the American Traffic Safety Services Association) and are recognized nationwide. Click here to find out more, or enroll today!

ATSSA – American Traffic Safety Services Association


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